Sunday, April 4, 2010


Well, it's been a spell since I have written here. I assure you life is happening, but formulating that into words for this space is another matter entirely. I just noticed that the last time I wrote a blog was March 10th and it is now April 4th.

As the the "old timers" used to say, "my, how time flies." I seem to be saying this myself a lot lately so I guess that officially makes me an "old timer." I think that's not so bad, in fact I'm in pretty good company if I do say so myself.

The month of March is known for its windy days, but this March ended with a BANG for us. The last day of March, the 31st was Bobby's last chemo!! Like I put on my "facebook" status a few days back, "can you shout, DONE!!!" (thanks for the cake, Franky and everyone) We started on Dec. 16th and ended on March 31st. What a journey.

We've traveled some winding roads and at times it's gotten narrow and the trail has gotten steep, we've slipped down a few times on some rocky paths, but never fallen over the edge, we've grown weary, but we've never given up.

The most beautiful thing to me about the whole journey has been that we have NEVER been alone. Never, not once. We've had each other, we've had family, we've had friends, but most of all we've had God.

We realize that this is just one milestone in this journey and that there are scans in our future for a while and doctor's visits for a time, but once again, what makes all of that not just okay, but REALLY okay is the fact that we are not alone.

We return to Vanderbilt at the end of April for another PET scan and a doctor's visit at the end of May. We hope and we trust that those visits will continue to show NO cancer as the last PET scan did, but one day at a time is how I've learned to live and I don't want to backtrack on that now.

One more time I say thanks, we say thanks. All the encouragement and prayers and caring and love is appreciated more than you can or will ever know.

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