Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Wow! over a month and a half has gone by since the last time I posted.
I thought I would write a little update of what is going on in our lives.

We made a trip to Vanderbilt back in May for Bobby to have a CT scan to make sure everything was still clear. The scan was still clear, no lymphoma showing. Soooo happy.

The next scan will be in August. Scans are a part of our lives now and we truly have just learned to be okay with it.

Bobby and I talk quite often about how he feels. When he finished his chemo we were told it could be 3 to 6 months before he felt "normal." I would ask him every once in a while how he felt. I would say, "do you feel normal?" or "tell me on a scale from 1 to 10 how you feel."

I'm not the only one who asks Bobby how he feels or how he is doing.

If I am in the other room and he gets a phone call I can sometimes over hear him answering someone on the the other end of the phone asking him that same question, " how do you feel or how are you doing?" If we go out to eat often people will come up and ask that same question, " how are you feeling or how are you doing?" Often at church friends will ask Bobby how he feels or how he is doing. It seems wherever we go someone will ask him how he is doing or how he feels.

Now from my past experience when I was asked a question over and over and over, it often became a tad on the annoying side, just a tad, mind you. I might be thinking, "oh, don't tell me I am getting this question AGAIN." Can you relate? I know that you can.

BUT, I must say, this has NOT been the case this time. In fact, it is the exact opposite. It is SOOOOOO encouraging when friends, family, or people we might not even know that well, take the time to ASK how Bobby is doing or how he is feeling. It is humbling and amazing to us. I hope I never ever take it for granted the love and care shown to us. There are not words to express our gratitude.

There needs to be a new word created and put in WEBSTERS to describe the outpouring of love we have experienced and continue to receive.

You might be asking that same question yourself. "How is Bobby doing, how IS he feeling?"

Well, I am happy to say that not long ago I asked Bobby that question AGAIN myself and he answered, " I feel "normal." I feel the way I did before the lymphoma." That answer was precious to me that day. Hope it sounds good to you, as well.

Taking this journey one day at a time.

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