Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little Things

This weekend a friend, Beverly and I went to Lenoir City, TN to a prayer conference. While there one of those things happened that happens to all of us in life. I call them the "little things", but after this weekend I realized I need to rethink that term.

Okay, let me try to explain myself or as Ricky Richardo (Lucy's husband) used to say "splain" myself.

I've kind of mentioned this before in previous blogs, but it's just so neat how we are all alike, but different and we all live in different bodies and have different life experiences, but similar.

This "little things' thing is one of the similar things that I believe we all experience at one time or another.

You might be saying, "what are you talking about?" "Little things?"

Well, let me "splain" (rhymes with Spain).
You are coming out of a store and your arms are loaded down when someone races ahead to open the door and hold it open for you
or you see a precious baby in a restaurant of a complete stranger and you catch the parent's eye and tell them that their baby is beautiful
or you're leaving a CROWDED TN or AL or (insert your team here) ballgame and traffic is insane, bumper to bumper and a car stops and motions you out ahead of them
or you're walking down the middle of the mall and you trip on NOTHING (don't look at me like that, you know you've done it, too) and some bored guy sitting on a bench waiting for his wife catches your eye and you both laugh
or you tell someone that that color really looks good on them.

Those are what I've been calling the "little things" Not so sure that I would call them "little things" anymore.

Okay, back to this weekend in Lenoir City. I was in this session at the conference with a small group of about 10 or so and there was just this very brief mention of what Bobby and I are going through. I mean very brief. Just a quick mention that "my husband has lymphoma and God has been so close and given us such peace." That was it. Just super quick and we moved on. I knew no one in the roon at all. I was even at the front of the room facing forward with everyone else sitting beside or behind me.

At the end of the session I left the room to meet up with my friend, Beverly when a gentlemen walked up behind me and got my attention and asked, "what's your husband's name?" I told him that his name was Bobby. He went on to tell me that he was part of the prayer ministry at that church in Lenoir City and that he wanted to pray for him and wanted to add him to their prayer list. Wow! how humbling and unexpected.

It may seem like a "little thing" on the surface, but a closer look reveals something completely different.

Here was a man who obviously has a tender heart toward God. He was vulnerable enough to approach someone he didn't know so that he could show kindness and concern to someone he doesn't know and to her husband he's never seen.

Calling that a "little thing" just seems wrong.

There have been soooooo many "little things" done for Bobby and me in the last four months that are not "little things" at all. I have written about several of them in past blogs.

Each of these kindnesses and acts of love and concern has been embraced and cherished and appreciated and used to bless us and humble us.

I don't know what the new terminology should be for "little things", but I know I want to become one who does more of those things in others lives. May it be so.

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