Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Full Day

Bobby had his first chemo yesterday, Wed. Dec. 16. It was a very long day and not a day you would ever hope for or want, but there were so many blessings in the day.

One of those is that we were sitting in the chemo waiting area waiting to go in for his very first chemo and our former pastor and his wife came walking in the room. Many of you are keeping up with their own journey through their blog. Wow, how amazing. We were all so stunned and so grateful to see one another. Our journeys aren't identical, but similar in some ways. We talked a good while with both of them while waiting. It was so good to see them after hearing and reading about their own journey with her cancer. Soon, we were called back to begin the chemo. and parted ways.

Little did we know that our chemo would be done in a private room with our very own recliners, not like his at home, but recliners none the less. His recliner was bigger than mine LOL, our very own TV and DVD player, which we didn't actually use except to watch the Vanderbilt information DVD, and our own sweet nurse we shared with a few other patience. We were not expecting the privacy, so that was just an extra blessing.

A few minutes after getting settled in our room, our former pastor stuck his head in and asked if we wanted anything to eat from a fast food Mexican restaurant he was headed down to. Wow, how nice! I mean with all that they are going through for him to drop by and buy our lunch was once again humbling. If you've read all of the blogs you've noticed that word keeps recurring in our lives.

Who knew that I would be sitting in a Vanderbilt chemo room eating chicken quesadillas and chips delivered to me by our former beloved pastor. Can you say surreal!!

Each of us had a chance to talk individually with our former pastor and friend throughout the day and it was good to reconnect and hear what was going on in their lives face to face and share our lives together.

Bobby did well with his first chemo. but like I said it was a long day. We finally got in our car in the parking garage at 6:45 p.m. Bobby was tired, but otherwise feeling good. He even wanted to stop in Columbia and go out to eat with one of his former quarterbacks who now coaches at Central. We had a good meal and conversation with him and came on home knowing that we had once again been so blessed and encouraged by so many of you as well as others.

Our day was full of chemo treatment, lab work, visits with old friends, good phone conversations, and traveling. So glad we are not alone. It was a full day. One that I don't think we will soon forget.

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  1. God is so good! I am so thankful that you had Tim and Lane Ann there to visit with. I know he had encouraging words for you & Bobby, and I know you well enough to know that you blessed & encouraged them. It amazes me how God works things out. I want to thank you for being so transparent in this blog. Those of us who are following it love you & Bobby and are grateful to you for keepng us informed. I've always told you that I love to hear you talk & tell things! lol Your are so encouraging to me. Even in this difficult time, the light of Jesus is still shining through you!! Love you and praying daily!!!