Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Surprise Suprise

Tomorrow, Dec. 16th is the day we go for Bobby's first chemo at Vanderbilt.

Little did we know that we would be welcomed home today with the surprise of a lifetime.

I came home from school today a little after 3:00 and when the garage door went up Bobby's truck was in the garage, but there was something else awaiting me that stunned me. Hanging on our garage wall was a big homemade banner saying, "We love you", hanging on the door entering our utility room was a huge homemade red heart with 4 smaller yellow hearts each one with a message of love. As I entered the utility room, there were two balloons hanging there. Next, I entered the kitchen and there was a basket of goodies with two more balloons hanging from the basket. All throughout the kitchen, dining room, den, our bedroom, our bathroom, and the computer area there were individual cards inside of envelopes. There was a small poster on our TV corner cabinet, there was a poster on our bathroom mirror, there was a poster on another door, there was a gift sitting on our bed, there was a hand drawn or painted book bag sitting on my stool in our bedroom filled with items. There was a new message scrolling across our computer screen. It said in pink, "We love you Uncle Bobby and Aunt Sue."

Talk about the surprise of the universe!!!

What was all of this about. While we were at school going about our usual routine, my brother and sister-in-law had driven an hour and forty-five minutes to surprise us with this most encouraging and amazing show of love and care. They drove here, set everything up and then left. They along with my parents, my other brother and sister-in-law and four nieces had made all the posters, signs, cards, and put together all the goodies and gifts. Humbling is not even adequate for how we felt.

Bobby had come home earlier and found all of it first and just had no idea how everything got set up in our house. He thought maybe they had given me all the stuff earlier and I had set it out. Not the case. We both had no clue.
Each one of them had written a card. Each card fit their personalities to a tee. Each card was priceless.

After phone calls to try to express our gratitude, I put on some praise music and just basically had a crying spell. I mean I just could not contain the emotion of praise to God and just love for my family.

Once again, people being the hands and feet of Jesus to us. I said in my first post I am learning to receive with joy.

We received joyfully today.


  1. We will be praying for you. We love you both so much. You will never know what a profound impact that the both of you have had on our lives. Your faith continues to amaze me. May God be with you and bless you, always.

  2. Precious Sue! I'm so glad that Tracy pointed me to your blog. What a fun surprise from your sweet family! Thanks for sharing your journey so honestly. Please know that we're praying for both of you....extra prayers tomorrow that the bright light of Christ's beauty and love overpower the darkness. Love you!!