Sunday, December 20, 2009

Take Notice

I know all of us have had those experiences in life where we noticed something that was always there, but we had just never noticed it before. Several weeks ago Bobby and I were driving to Columbia and I noticed a house off to the left that I had never noticed before. The leaves were off the trees and I just happened to be looking that way and there it was. I know what you're thinking and NO this was not a new house. How had I missed it all these years? I don't know, but I had. Maybe you've driven a stretch of road over and over and over and one day you look over and there is a building or tree or something else and it's like, "where did that come from?" It's just one of those universal experiences that we all have. I love how we are all alike, yet all different.

Today in church we were singing a song that was one of my favorite praise songs several months back. I loved the song then and I still love the song now. Bobby, says I'm always saying something is my favorite and then the next day something else is my favorite. LOL Anyway, the song is Light of the World or Here I am to Worship.

The first verse and chorus lyrics are:

Light of the world
You stepped down into darkness
Opened my eyes let me see
Beauty that makes this heart adore You
Hope of a life spent with You

So here I am to worship
Here I am to bow down
Here I am to say that You're my God
You're altogether lovely
Altogether worthy
Altogether wonderful to me

Now, we have sung this song somewhat often at church in the past and I have a CD by Michael W. Smith with this song on it. As my niece, Clare would say, "AND YOUR POINT IS." (Clare's so funny) My point is... I had heard and sung and sung along with this song many many times. Loved the song, still love the song, but today that thing happened where I saw something I had never seen before.
As we began to sing and I sang the lyric,"Light of the world you stepped down into darkness" I saw something I'd never seen. I didn't tell a soul. It was just between God and me. I've always looked at that lyric as God left heaven and came to earth which is a hard dark place. I actually believe that is what the lyric does mean, but today it took on a different meaning to me. I believe God let me see a different slant on that lyric, "Light of the world You stepped down into darkness."

Bobby and I are in a pretty tough place right now. Tough to us, maybe not tough on a world wide scale, but a hard journey to us. It can "feel" dark at times. But, the Light of the world, Jesus stepped down into our darkness with us. He is here with us. He is in us. Oh, I just about shouted. I did shout inside and the shout came out through tears instead of my big mouth.

The person who wrote this song had and has no idea that God used his song to speak to my heart this morning in a small little TN town. Thanks, Kelvin (our worship leader) for choosing that song today. Thanks Tim Hughes for writing the song, but mostly thank you God for coming down to planet earth and making a way for me to know You and be known by You through Jesus so that You could be with me/us in our own individual darkness.


  1. Sue, Remember in our class recently when we talked about "kisses from the King"? When I read this blog, that's what I thought about -- I am so glad that you received this "kiss from the King"!! Keep looking for them, He's going to be with you & Bobby throughout this experience!! Love you & are still praying...Lisa

  2. Sue, what a precious gift from God! Thanks for sharing His revelation to you. Hope you and Bobby are enjoying NY! Blessings to you...praying