Friday, January 1, 2010


There has been much said about time. Some things that come to mind as I type are: Time marches on, Time waits for no man, Time is on our side, Time is running out, Redeem the time

Through this journey that Bobby and I are on, I am learning to savor time, to take one day at a time, and not to presume that I have more of it than I may really have. There isn't much good about cancer, but I guess one thing that you might say is good about it is, it is a wake up call to really look at what really matters in life and to appreciate all the little things that maybe I wasn't appreciating before. Things like walking hand in hand with Bobby in ice cold wind in NYC to look at Christmas window displays, things like the delicious taste of hot chocolate after coming in from that ice cold wind, things like a group taking up money for the homeless, things like a man squated with cardboard that read, "I'll take anything," things like a hug from a family member or friend, things like a little girl pulling a pink suitcase in the airport. Things I might have once just glanced at and gone on by, but now I stop and take notice and take action.

I'm not saying that I've got this thing down to perfection. Some of you know me too well for that. I'm not saying I don't still get upset and let things upset me. I'm just saying that I am more sensitive and more open and more aware of the blessings that God has and is pouring out in our lives. The fact that we got to go on our NYC trip that we had planned before we knew we would be on this journey is such a grace gift. We were so thankful to get to go and that Bobby felt so good on the trip.

Joyful 2010 to all. Time is marching...........

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  1. You are right there is not much good about cancer, but alot of good can come from it. I stop now and look at little things that I used to pass by. I have always prayed for people in need, but now I "REALLY PRAY" for them. God has brought me so much closer to Him. Little things mean so much more than they did before. The Lord bring you and Bobby to my mind several times a day and I pray for you both. Your blog is wonderful and incouraging. Thanks for sharing your Journey with us! Love You!